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Karystos' Stones - Karystos' Malbles - Quarry
Title Karystos Stones

Head Karykas Sotiris
Address Ag. Dimitrios
Location 34013 Marmari Evia
Profession Open Quarry
Telephone 2224026177 - 6932307610
Fax 2224026177
E-mail info@petrakarystou.gr
Web Site www.petrakarystou.gr
Company Profile It was 15 years ago since we first founded our business exclusively with the mining of Karystos' stone. The ongoing increase of our businessí turnover made us choose one of the Ag. Dimitriosí biggest quarries located at the district of Marmari.. More...

Title Karystos Stones
Head Krisilias Sotiris
Address 10 Km Karystos-Chalkida
Location 34013 Marmari - Evia
Profession Quarry
Telephone 2224031876 - 6932661664
Fax 2224029124
E-mail info@plakeskarystou.gr
Web Site www.plakeskarystou.gr
Company Profile Bearing the experience in the excavation of rocks we founded our company Plakes Karystou Sotiris Krisilias in 1968, having as our main object the excavation, the elaboration and the trade of Karystoís Stones. More...

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