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A really different destination, too close to Athens, within a distance that depends on which medium you choose to travel by. It varies from an hourly trip by ship from Rafinaís port to the beautiful location of Marmari to 2,5 hours by car from Chalkida.
Discover it.

History. In 1843, Karystos as it is today started to be built according to the street plans of the Bavarian engineer Bearbach, after the order of king Othon.
The people of the region are frienfly hard-working they love their villages and honour the customs and traditions of their area.
Harmony, peace and relaxation await those who have hand picked this town and are glad for their choice.
Traditional coffee spaces ouzo Taverns and Restaurants that appeal to all tastes, are located in the seafront of Karystos.

Local products. Karystos is included in the most important fishing places of Greece. From ancient times till now the area is famous for the diversity of its fish. You can find the most delicious seafood which is due to the currents in the sea of Cavo D'oro.
Local cuisine and homemade products hold a special place in our visitorsí choices. local cheese and meat traditional pasta (kourkoubines), are some of the delicacies that appear in the restaurantsí menu and should be tasted.

Activities. Hiking, scuba diving, surfing, jet skiing, cycling, horse riding, are bound to thrill you. Information on those activities is available at the tourist information booth situated in the portís center.

Nearby villages. (the villages of Gourna) located on the northern part of Karystos, village Moily dominates over the ruins of the old capital. Astonishing beauty by running waters and tall plane trees .

The villages of Grambia, Mekounida and Rouklia, on the west side of Castello Rosso offer you a magic view to the gulf through the wild vegetation.
You will be rewarded for your visit to the villages Kalivia, Nikasi and Lala as youíll find yourselves hiking under the plane trees that are age old.

One more location worth visiting is the church of Agia Triada near Nikasi. Endless blue and deep green, never-ending beaches and rich vegetation can travel you away

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