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Karystos - Cavo D'Oros - Kafireas

Kafireas (Cavo D'Oro).
In the eastern edge of Evia round the so-called cape there lie the villages of Kafirea known as Cavo D'Oro.

These villages were isolated, keeping their natural beauty well hidden as it was only in the early 80s that electricity reached them by the newly-then-built asphalted road.

The mountains of Cavo D'Oro are one of a kind for their visitors.

The people of Cavo D'Oropart and parcel-of the scenery are delightful, hospitable always willing to treat you originally homemade delicacies.

Kastri Platanistos, Panochori, Antia, Komito, Evagelismos, Kapsouri, Archampoli, Zaxaria, Amigdalia, Agios Grigorios, Schizali, Gialpides, Agatho, are some of the many villages of Cavo D'Oro that compete in beauty.

Platanistos The southest village of Cavo D'Oro 25km from Karystos offers the magnificent experience of the never-ending beach of potami(river).
It is not named like that by chance. According to the season, thousands of wild-flowers grow all around the gurgling waters underneath the plane trees.
Small ponds where the most daring can swim, are formed under the quaint stone bridge of the village. The rebirth one feels cannot be described .

Archaboli. The ravine of Archaboli is in the northeastern side of mount Ochi. Nature has its own wild beauty. Steep cliffs that twist create a magnificent scenery that scans to the opening of a small gulf. Overlooking along the ravine one can discriminate the vestiges of an ancient civilization, the remains of a towns fort.

Traveling through Cavo d'oro villages you are bound to meet many and rare animals. Its worth for us to remain the guardians of nature, of species diversity and of the quality of water and soil.

We must by all means protect such aesthetic values that are source of inspiration to each and every one of us.

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