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Municipality of Karystos | Town Hall
The Mayors Office welcomes you in Karystos and wishes you have a pleasant stay

The Mayor and the City Council pledge to enhance the quality of life in beautification and environmental concerns through simple rules

Keep our town clean!!! Dont throw away any rubble, or other stuff
(furniture, etc) in the center or the skirts of our town. Contact us with a days notice and well pick your waste up.

Keep our beaches clean!!! Karystos boasts easily accessible beaches with crystal clear waters.Make sure your rubbish is thrown in the litter-bins before you leave the beach.

Fire Prevention!!! We are committed to protecting the lives and property in our community , in an area which is prone to fire because of the strong winds. Do not hesitate to participate in our effort whenever its necessary. are committed to protecting the lives and property in our community.

Water; our most valuable resource!!! We must educate ourselves as well as our children to conserve our towns water supplies and make sure that action is taken before it is too late.

Recycle Now!!! E-Waste (recycling of electrical appliances and devices), a service provided by our township, is now available.

Tel. contact : 22240 22246
Office hours: 09:00 - 14:00
Our general mailing address is: info@in-karystos.gr



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