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Karystos - Marmari | Dragon House

(The Dragon House)

The Dragon House is found on the peak of mount Ochi in 1.398 m of height. The perfect situation in which the monument is conserved, the originality of its shape ,the beauty of its proportions, the precision of its construction and the resolution of some serious static problems with great success like the one of the ledges of stones of huge volume, makes you imagine that it was built by super humans.

Remote and difficult in its access the Dragon House is in full harmony with the lithic desert which surrounds it.

Through the years the stone construction has become one with nature being decorated by ringworms. Mystery bundles the Dragon House.
The gleanings of Professor N. Moutsopoulos (acorncups and vases) are dated back in the late 4th and the early 3rd century and seem to come to the conclusion that the cave was a temple and a place of worship.
It has not been confirmed though the kind of worship or the exact date of its construction and of course the most significant query of all its creators.

In order to get there we have to follow a route of an hour drive and one more trekking taking the road from Karystos to Cavodoros. .After 7klm we meet Metochi , a small village in the feet of Mount. Ochi.

For 5 more klm we continue the ascent and when we reach the first barrow we turn left deriving from the main road. This is the point where our ascension to the summit of Mount. Ochi begins.

The view is amazing throughout the route which ends in an open and flat place of 500m from the lodge . This is where we leave our car and continue on foot through a trail marked by tiny signs.In the end of our route there is the church of prophet Ilias and a few metres away the moment when you face Drakospito the surprise is unique.

Since tre summer of 2004 at the Kalyvia Center of Environmental Observations the guest can find a lot of information about the area.
Information: Karystosí Town Hall
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