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Marmari | the ultimate web gate

. By ferry boat on a short journey of one hour from Rafinaís port you reach Marmari a destination so close to Athens that you would ever notice.
Its name is after a port that was built in ancient times for the exaltation of marble.

The prosperity of the area still has to do with its stones ,especially the slates (the famous stones of Karystos. Lying in a quaint and natural semicircle that is quite characteristic it has developed in a resort an ideal base for exploring south Evia.

During summer months it swarms with life while in winter the resort turns into a quiet fishing village by car it is only within a 12 km distance from Karystos center.

Petalioi. The cluster of Petalioi , a group which consists of nine small islands is just opposite the port .bearing little resemblance to the rest beaches of the southern Eobuean gulf. Petalioi capture the visitorsí eye with the diversity of colours and exotic beaches.

It is not coincidental that they Ďve been chosen as the retreats of greek ship-owners.
They were formed by the sinking of nearby land and the eruption of waves.
The islands are accessible by boat.

Nearby villages. Marmariís municipality consists of the wards of Agios Dimitrios, Akteo, Giannitsi, Kallianou and Katsaroni.

Nature in its utmost. A beauty that cannot be depicted in words. Walks next to the river bed on the hand side to the Aegean sea where many different paths meet a lot of villages.

In the same territory the colours and smells the power and peace co-exist in a harmonious and tranquil way that is relaxing and makes men absorb life from nature.

and Karystos the two towns that co-exist ,form the south evia a pole of development that attracts more and more holidaymakers each year.

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