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Karystos - Mount Ochi's Paths

Mount Ochis Paths

Mount Ochi disposes travelogues that brings us close to the wild natural creation worth to be traveled.

The paths and the cobbled roads were once the sole ways of transportation and transfer from Mount Ochi.

Many of the traditional paths that were used back then, are still used by the locals for their everyday needs.

These paths that cross inaccessible areas are nowadays mostly used by the shepherds that head to the rangelands and the sielings.

Those paths were constructed or even improved during the ottoman era.

Stone arcaded bridges and fountains were built some of which are still preserved being unique cultural monuments.

The majority of the paths constitute a heredity that vanishes through the years.

We all, have to contribute for the maintenance of these monuments as they offer us ideal ways of relaxation and loving nature.

They help to the discovery of nature and rural life which tend to extinguish nowadays .The best way of gaining the experience of nature is trekking.

Today some of the old paths are marked and new trails are blazed.

Each visitor has the opportunity to enjoy nature by hiking on paths ,that traditional civilization has carved, as old as the hills.

They really worth a visit !!!

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