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Karystos - Marmari | South Evia beaches

Greek beaches that cover over 13.676 km are the pole of attraction for the majority of tourists that visit Greece. It is a known fact that in the area of southern Evia beaches are well known not only of the territory’s but also of the sea bed’s morphology.
We have made a choice among the numerous beaches and we present you a cross section that would really carry you away.

Gallida. The western beach of Karystos only 300m from the town’s center. It is equipped and the car can take you up to the sands. Find it on the map

Psili ammos. A few meters before we leave Karystos in the direction of Bouros .The beach is fully equipped and you can find anything from food and snacks to drink. Find it on the map

Kavos. Within 5km from Karystos as you follow the coastal road to Bouros. An organized spacious and cubby beach that provides everything .You can reach it by car. Find it on the map

Megali Ammos. Within 1km from the town of Marmari as we head west following the coastal road just a and in a few meters from the Petalioi complex. Although the beach is not organised, it can offer you everything since it is accessible by car and only a few meters from the town’s center.
Find it on the map

It has been called “The Aegean’s Eye”. It is situated in the west 30 min. from Marmari.The beach can be reached by car ,yet the umbrella is necessary as is is not fully equipped. In the summer months there is a canteen, whereas in Giannitsi or Pothi you can try traditional dishes. Find it on the map

Potami (The River)
Heading to Cavodoros ,40 min by car from Karystos you can reach the beach of Potami which has the island of Andros as a view. The car can go as far as the beach .There are two restaurants but you have to use your own umbrella since it is not provided. Find it on the map

Archaboli. It is located 7km south from the cape of Cavodoros about an hour by car from the town of Karystos .At a certain point the drive stops and you have to continue on foot but you’ll be compensated once you reach the beach. It is necessary to be equipped with umbrella and tuck. Find it on the map

Ag. Dimitrios
A captivating beach with crystal clear waters on the way to Kalianus about 20 min. from Marmari. It is accessible by car and there is a canteen during the summer months. You have to bring your own equipment though, since it is not provided.
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At the outfall of Dimosari’s river where the route of the homonymous ravine ends. The ideal combination of mountain and sea just within an hour from Marmari. Although the car reaches the beach, this is not organized .Nevertheless you can find two quaint taverns just above the beach.
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