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Karystos | Cave

The Cave

The cave of Ag. Triada.
The cave Within a 20-minute walking distance from the elementary school of Kalyvia, lies the cave of Ag. Triada.

The church of Ag. Triada with the homonymous source comes into view among the plane trees that descend next to the river bed.

A trail leads to the entrance of the cave where you can start your exploring adventure always having the appropriate equipment.

The cave of Ag. Triada is the biggest one in South Evia.
Being known from a very old age it had been explored for the first time in 1932 by the group Out by Life" and it counts an explored length of 2.400m.

Among the most famous explorers of the cave was the mountaineer and caver Vangelis Vourtsis.

The cave is divided in four parts up to the point that it has been explored .The first part is at 420 m depth and after the next 150m there is a hall with a 30m waterfall.

No one knows the end to Ag . Triadas cave. Lets hope that one day a group of courageous cavers will solve the mystery.

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